Psykolog Berta vishnivetz, ph.d.
Masnedøgade 20, 2.sal.
2100 København Ø.
Tel. +45 - 2252 2507
Welcome to Berta Vishnivetz

Strengthen your wellbeing and growth by learning how to listen to and understand whole yourself (your feelings, your thoughts, desires and actions)

Have you ever experienced?

  • Anxiety: troubles in breathing; panic attacks, unpleasant uncertainty, tension when preparing for an exam or applying for a job, or when talking to somebody; a feeling of emptiness or butterflies in your stomach
  • Stress: insomnia; restlessness, tiredness without being able to stop; lack of concentration; repetitive, lingering intrusive thoughts, irritability
  • Depression: negative thoughts, grief, sadness, lack of energy, muscle tensions for example, your body feels very tight.
  • Pain: headache, diffuse back pain when resting or while moving, low back pain, tension in your shoulders and/or neck, slipped disc, joint discomfort, postsurgical rehabilitation, postural problems.


I focus on your complaints and troubles, needs or desires and I am especially interested in how you experience your problems or , your needs to solve some difficulties or your desire to grow and improve your life quality.

Through the sessions you may experience a relief of some physical or psychological difficulty as we begin to explore a better understanding of your body's signals

During the sessions you will learn to improve listening to your body and to your thoughts by learning how to be curious about to your reactions even when they unsettle you.



Stress management